All Natural Hip + Joint Tincture for Dogs

Do you have concerns about your pet baby getting hip problems? Hip problems affect dogs of all sizes. An estimated 20% of dogs over age 1 have osteoarthritis. While larger, older dogs are more likely to have hip or joint problems, all breeds and sizes can develop these problems. Fortunately, there are proactive ways to help your furry friend age better and it starts with the best hip and joint supplements.


Signs of Hip Problems in Dogs

Dogs with hip and joint problems often experience a rapid deterioration in quality of life. Sadly, once serious joint problems begin, they may cause decreased activity and further decline. So here are some signs to look for, to determine if your pet has started to experience hip or joint problems:

  • Limping or stiffness
  • Favoring one side
  • Less range of motion
  • Less interest in favorite physical activities
  • Visibly or audibly straining in response to certain motions
  • Reluctance to rise, run, jump or climb stairs
  • Increased muscle mass in another area (compensation), and/or decreased muscle mass in the area which bothers your pup (such as rear hindquarters)

In general, larger breeds are more prone to joint problems, like Great Danes, Newfoundlands and Rottweilers. However, even miniature dachshunds may get joint problems (most likely in their spines or hips as a result of stress on their longer torsos). With introducing pet wellness into your pooch’s routine, you can help them defend against joint problems as they age.

Other points to consider, when choosing the best CBD products for dogs, are:

  • Dog-specific – formulas flavored for dogs, but not containing potentially harmful ingredients that may be found in human CBD products.
  • THC-free – hemp-derived products with health benefits, not potentially doggy-dangerous THC compounds.
  • Organic – free from harmful pesticides or other residual chemicals that might be dangerous for dogs.
  • Grown in the USA – grown from known trusted sources and US-regulated, to ensure quality from plant to product.
  • Effective – lab-verified, researched compounds which contain consistent ingredients and thus consistent results.

When you order from Bad Dog CBD you get everything we’ve laid out, plus our expertise and love for our furry family members’ wellbeing. Can you say that big brands you find in pet stores have the same in mind?

Hemp vs CBD for Dogs

Is hemp oil the same as CBD oil? No. Hemp seeds or hemp seed oil may be used for dog nutrition or a healthy coat, but they do not contain the cannabinoids which may help alleviate pain for dogs and do not help with anxiety/stress.

CBD, on the other hand, works better than many other pain medications for dogs, with far fewer side effects! CBD is also not addictive like some pain or anxiety meds.

So, whether recovering from an injury or surgery (acute pain), or dealing with chronic pain conditions such as osteoarthritis or joint problems, consider CBD for dogs with pain. Calming pet CBD oil offers the right benefits for pain and always your fur babies the ability to sleep or relax without discomfort.

Plus, pet CBD is a great remedy for dog anxiety as well.

Dogs can suffer from a number of forms of anxiety, from separation anxiety to travel anxiety: there are 7 main forms of dog anxiety. Fortunately, our calming CBD tinciture can help treat all of them! If your beloved pup has any form of anxiety, use CBD for dogs to help alleviate symptoms and keep them calm and happy.

Diving into Calming Pet CBD for Anxiety

What can you do in the heat of the moment to calm an anxious dog?

Take these 3 steps:

  1. Ensure everyone’s safety. If your dog needs to be isolated or removed from the scene for their safety or someone else’s, that’s the first (and most important) step. A stressed dog may lash out at others, destroy property, or engage in self-destructive behavior (like scratching or excessive licking at “sore spots”). So, safety is the first step.
  2. Remove doggy stressors. Whatever you can do to remove the cause of stress should be done. For example: if it’s loud noises, you want to cease the sound or use calming music for dogs. Classical music, in particular, has been how to help dogs relax.
  3. Use calming treats for dogs. Calming treats pull double-duty: you use positive reinforcement to get and reward good behavior, but the treats themselves can also help calm your anxious pet.
If you take action using these steps, you can help calm your anxious or upset dog.

CBD for dogs helps restore homeostasis: a state where all the parts work together toward the whole. CBD is non-psychoactive, but has the power to help calm your anxious pet.

It’s a natural calm. Rewarding an anxious dog’s positive behavior is super important. When you use CBD treats for dog’s anxiety you do double-duty: your dog gets positive reinforcement plus calming CBD in each reward.

While an anxious dog may also need a daily dose of CBD via a CBD tincture, treats and rewards infused with CBD can help make training time more effective. At Bad Dog CBD we carry only the best, most safe and effective treats and products for your pet!

How CBD Boosts Pet Health

Bad Dog CBD Calming Tincture offers a variety of great benefits

1. It can help balance your pet’s overall health, by restoring homeostasis. Homeostasis means “all of the parts working together toward the whole.” For your pet, this means a state of optimum health.

2. It can help target or treat specific health difficulties your pet may be prone to experiencing. CBD oil for pets, in particular, has been linked to the following benefits:

  • Reduces pain
  • Enhances joint health
  • Improves skin conditions
  • Release serotonin to calm anxiety
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Moderates mood and behavior

The right CBD oil for your pet is the one that works. At Bad Dog CBD we sell only the best CBD products for your pet. Our safe, effective calming CBD oil is 100% organic and made in the USA from start to finish, ensuring quality at every step from hemp growth to your pet’s use.A happy pet makes a happy home!

See what dog parents are saying about Bag Dog

Lifesaver Product!!

My lab is pushing 13 and he just doesn’t move like he used to. Still has a puppy spirit but his body isn’t. Bad Dog Relief’s hip and joint tincture has honestly saved my boy since I started giving it to him a little over a month ago! He can get up much easier and I noticed that he doesn’t seem to struggle with getting on and off the couch as much. I will continue to religiously give this liquid supplement to him and keep thanking Bad Dog Relief for helping my fur baby out!!

Rachel Lawson

Don’t delay, buy this for your pet!!

I have two mixed heelers and they have worked their tails off at our ranch. They’re only 5 and 8 but I started giving them this hip and joint tincture to ensure that they won’t have any serious issues as they get older. I won’t risk their senior years by not taking steps to prevent problems for them because that’s my role as their pet parent!! They also love the taste which you can’t say for a lot of pet wellness products!

Ryan Matthews